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The best thing to do is to play it safe and provide your guests with play chips and award a prize for whoever finishes the night with the biggest heap.They have to roll it to the finish line and back.

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up in cocktail attire, a middle of the road Vegas themed party, or a low-key casino night. Gather all of the kids and have them sit at either table. Get some prizes so your guests have something to play forgift cards or a bottle of wine work well. If your casino party is going to have kids you need to keep them entertained so they dont jinx your chances of winning. Creating your own mini casino at home doesnt have to break the bank. Cocktails: If you're hosting an upscale casino party, consider setting up a martini bar. Hosting a casino party and need to know what games to play or how to turn your casino party into a contest? If you enjoy a game of poker with your friends and would like to have a permanent but not so obvious poker table in your home, here is our easy DIY. Place a deck of cards at each table and some poker chips. Highest Bidder, ingredients, just Add Guests! Stand - The player does not want any more cards for this hand. Chuck-A-Luck, chuck-a-luck is another great casino game and players may know it as Birdcage. . Party Tip: Instead of using real money (which might be a lot to ask of your guests print up your own money with the guest of honor's face on the fake bills. There are actually companies that will bring a casino games to your venue so you can have a variety of games for your guests to play. If you are going to include poker at your casino party, we recommend you give out these hand-rank sheets. The players' cards are either dealt all face up or all face down. Women should come in evening dresses, complete with as much gold and sparkly jewelry as is humanly possible. If not they Go Fish drawing a card and poker chip.

Guests can take a break from the games to grab a plate for themselves. Announce that prizes will be awarded to those who have the highest chip counts. Each player is dealt two cards. The player with the most points wins. Give your guests the opportunity to enter the party in style by setting up a mini red carpet. Players can make their own brand of playing cards by personalising the back using a photo for example. To Play, casino players can take as many cards as they wish from the dealer until they stand significato stop taking cards or bust the hand goes over twentyone.

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Then, at the start of each hand the dealer starts by dealing two cards to each player and to himself. If the initial two cards of a playerapos. Even if the dealer busts, he automatically loses the hand, what games should I have at my casino party night. S the player can choose to split those cards into two separate hands and play them individually. You can also make your own casino party decorations by checking out our handy how to guides. Paint on black caccia dots on each side of the boxes to resemble dice. Split If the player is dealt two initial cards having equal value two 7apos. If the player has the cards they hand them over.

Your first guests have arrived!A local party store or casino equipment rental company should be able to help you out.Paint the boxes all white.

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Double Down - After receiving the two initial cards, the player can double his original bet on the hand, and the dealer gives him exactly one additional card (for a total of three cards).