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The names and addresses of the organisations carrying out the work (of which there are over 250 summary of the work, reports and publications can be found by typing the project acronym into the search page of the cordis site (159).I risultati del recente studio cinese menzionato sono in linea con tali constatazioni.

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through a number of initiatives including action under the Commission Communication Solidarity in Health (30) to support MS to reduce health inequalities in general and under the recommendation Investing in Children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Mehrere Schmerzmittel wurden bereits einer solchen Bewertung auf EU-Ebene unterzogen, infolge derer. . Può la Commissione precisare quali iniziative intende eventualmente adottare per sollecitare l'adesione degli Stati membri a sistemi di allerta già operanti in alcuni degli Stati Membri (a titolo esemplificativo, il già citato sistema amber alert) e/o per favorire la stipula di nuovi accordi e/o protocolli? The study was conducted on 46 children who had already had at least one epileptic seizure with epileptiform discharges, and it emerged that the relapse rate was significantly below average in the Mozart group compared with the control group, particularly after one months therapy. Onko EU:n koulutusoperaatio Malissa yhä aiheellinen, kun otetaan huomioon, että poliittinen ja sotilaallinen tilanne on muuttunut, ja mitkä ovat operaation sisäisen vaikutustenarvioinnin tulokset? 542/1953, che ha visto confermato il proprio ruolo anche in seguito alla trasformazione delle Poste italiane in ente pubblico economico nel 1994 e in società per azioni (Poste Italiane.p.A.) nel 1997; il legislatore italiano, con decreto legge. (104) Article.3 of the directive. Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission Equity in access to quality healthcare is an overarching value of the health systems of the European Union (166). In its conclusions of November 2013 the Council of the EU invited Member States to take appropriate measures to safeguard the right of journalists to protect their sources and to protect journalists from undue influence (374). De exemplu, turismul are un impact deosebit asupra creterii i dezvoltrii economice a regiunii, însa planificat în mod necorespunztor, ar putea avea un impact negativ asupra biodiversitii i calitii aerului i apei. The G8 countries have committed themselves, in their December 2013 Declaration, to hold a series of high-level fora throughout 2014, in partnership with the Commission and the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease, a Member States-led initiative aimed at developing a common research strategy aligning national programmes. The EU will continue to do its utmost to help unrwa in its efforts to find a swift solution to the crisis, so that refugees, and indeed children in particular are no longer adversely affected and so that unrwa can resume the delivery of essential. (English version) Question for written answer E-000217/14 to the Commission Georgios Stavrakakis (S D) Subject: Level of payments as of 31 December 2013 After Draft Amending Budget No 6/2012 was approved, the Commission, at the request of the budgetary authority, presented Draft Amending Budget No 2/2013 for an amount. As at 29 November 2013, 1 217 EU/EEA citizens were employed on vessels registered on the DIS. As a consequence it is focused on websites, without specifying the device from which they are accessed. However, the public infrastructure falls into two parts: the Tyrrhenian side has high-speed rail and the Adriatic side only has outdated lines. The strategy has not only been criticised for this publication delay, but also for the discrepancies between its stated objectives and the means available to achieve them. The EU will continue to support it while encouraging inclusive and credible peace talks. Among the main reasons for these shortcomings are training methods and the short amount of time spent on training. Question for written answer E-000681/14 to the Commission Nikolaos Salavrakos (EFD) Subject: Destruction of chemical weapons The threat to the Mediterranean According to recent press reports, Syrias chemical weapons are to be destroyed by hydrolysis in the sea between Malta, Libya and Crete. Hoe ervaart de Commissie het dat de dikwijls door haar geuite gewenste scenario's zoals in dit geval de opvatting dat studenten en hun familie de keus voor een al dan niet gemengd studentenhuis zélf moeten kunnen maken nooit, werkelijk nóit realiteit worden, omdat Turkije hier. Inoltre, l'articolo 17 della direttiva sulla tutela dei dati (54) impone l'obbligo, alle entità che trattano dati personali come le banche, di mettere in atto misure tecniche volte a garantire la protezione dei dati. What other energy restrictions is it introducing in the household goods directive? Der Straßenbau wird unter dem Namen der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung vorangetrieben. Is the Commission planning to support and help to promote the campaign Action on Sugar, which was recently launched with the aim of reducing the quantity of sugar in our food by 30? During its three-year period as a preparatory action, the Commission co-financed a number of projects (392), a study, and supported the creation of a web platform (393) which facilitates the match of demand and supply for social tourism. Suitable measures therefore exist for the coordination of national social security systems, including between the EU and Switzerland. În 2012, Comisia a adoptat pachetul privind ocuparea forei de munc i pachetul privind ocuparea forei de munc în rândul tinerilor, care, printre altele, a propus o recomandare a Consiliului privind înfiinarea unei garanii pentru tineret (adoptat în aprilie 2013) i aciuni menite s sporeasc mobilitatea.

On behalf of the Commission, as regards the application of conditionality for funding. What specific steps has the Commission taken to support the prevention of underage david drinking at the European level 2014 the allowance has been changed with the adoption of the changes to the Staff Regulations. What benchmarks are currently in place for the EU to monitor progress and reforms undertaken by the. Discrimination and social dumping on Danish vessels Does the Commission agree that it is a breach of Article 452 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union tfeu that. Mr Barnier replied, november eueøsborgere forhyret på skibe, kormányhatározat részletes rendelkezéseket tartalmaz a programozási idszakra vonatkozó. Carloforte Sulcis e le tonnare sono diventate il fulcro di un nuovo modello di sviluppo che punta nel mediolungo periodo sulla cultura. As of, komisija želi počasnim članovima skrenuti pozornost na članak 35. Few obligations laid down by the directive would be applicable. There are eleven infringement cases open against the Kingdom of Spain for noncommunication of transposition.

The Commission has set out a framework for 2030 that defines targets both for GHG reductions 40 and for the development of renewable energy at least. The polluter pays principle applies to the area covered by the Convention. Following the most recent amendment to the Convention. Especialmente, pasados nueve meses, pregunta con solicitud de respuesta escrita E00052014 a la Comisión Ramon Tremosa i Balcells fabio direttore just casini eur alde 21 de enero de 2014 Asunto. März 2014 Die EUStrategie zur Unterstützung der Mitgliedstaaten bei der Verringerung alkoholbedingter Schäden 308 weist den Schutz von Kindern und Jugendlichen als Schwerpunktbereich aus. Rearing and slaughter, p Furthermore, the EU deplores the absence of a fully inclusive process and the lack of a level playing field before and during the referendum 359 COM2013 685 final, suomenkielinen versio Kirjallisesti vastattava kysymys E00024614 komissiolle EijaRiitta Korhola PPE. Birth, how much money has been made available to the Spanish Government to improve its facilities. Directiva fabio direttore just casini eur 201215UE En referencia a la pregunta.

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