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Poggio a, caiano, Italy

It was a picture gallery set in a single room of the villa, which contained 174 paintings of as many different painters, the largest of which measured 100x75 cm, and which included works by some of the most important authors, Dürer, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello.In 1807, Poccianti designed, in addition to the exterior stairs, the internal staircase connecting the ground floor to the remaining floors of the building was also commissioned for some restoration work on the upper floor of the villa.Here, among other events, were the weddings of Alessandro de' Medici and Margaret of Austria (1536 between Cosimo I and Eleanor of Toledo (1539 Francesco I and Bianca Cappello already his lover (1579).

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fact here was relegated the woman, hated by the family and the Medici court all deployed with the legitimate bride, strategically removed from Florence. Second floor edit See also: Museum of Still Life On the second floor, the "Museum of Still Life" is set up, which is unique in its kind and exhibits about 200 paintings dating from the late sixteenth to the middle of the eighteenth century and. By the time the frame of the primitive fresco was re-emerged, cutting the scene in two, but was again hidden by recent restorations. Triumph of Caesar by Andrea del Sarto Between 15e worked Andrea del Sarto, who painted the Triumph of Caesar, an allusion poggio to the gifts received by Lorenzo the Magnificent from the Sultan of Egypt in 1487. In a room there are 'papiers peints' of French manufacture, with an exotic theme of the early nineteenth century. Other noteworthy features are found in the large central hall which recalls the oecus of Roman villas and in the open loggia on the ground floor which runs along all four sides of the building. Lorenzo il Magnifico, in this case to, giuliano da Sangallo towards 1480. The paintings were completed some fifty years later by Alessandro Allori, with a rethinking of the original project in a more monumental key, giving more space to the figures than to painted architectures. Following is the "room of the Camino" of the apartments of Bianca Cappello. The noble floor is a traditional and typical element of urban noble buildings from the early Renaissance to the nineteenth century. The Bella Rosina's room is decorated in particular with a four-poster bed and walls entirely covered with pink silk with floral motifs (1865 radiated draped so as to see a pre-existing neoclassical fresco at the center. Among the innovations of the era, the porch was placed on the ground floor (almost an interconnected area between the surrounding landscape and the villa the classic porch and pediment on the noble floor and the lack of a central courtyard. The fresco is"d by Vasari as "A sacrifice, fresh, in a loggia that remained imperfect" and which would go back to before Lorenzo's death, or in any case completed by 1494. The stone staircase in Pietra serena, connected to the fireplace, connect two upper openings in the same room, which communicate these rooms with the upper level, where today there is the room of King Vittorio Emanuele II and where it was probably that of Francesco. 20th Century and Contemporary Era edit During the Second World War, the villa was used as a haven for bombing for important works of art from all over Tuscany, such as the statues of Michelangelo or Monument of the Four Moors of Livorno, etc. Today it is no longer admirable because it was dissected in 1773 by Habsburg-Lorraine. Bardazzi Silvestro, The Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano, Prato Savings Bank and Deposit, Prato 1981. In the 1828 the sundials were arranged on the sides of the building, while the interior of the villa was updated with fine furnishings from the royal palaces of Modena, Piacenza, Parma, Torino, Lucca and Bologna, into the heritage of the new unitary kingdom.

This time according to Pope Leo Xs orders. He also frescoed, the cycles were executed by Pontormo Andrea del Sarto and Franciabigio who respectively painted the Vertumnus and Pomona rural scenes which are in keeping with the secular spirit animating the. Recent studies have denied the design of the stables to architect Nanni di Baccio Bigio. Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano. The Stables of Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano. Autonomous Tourism Company, blue and green frieze that today is seen on the tympanum mantel on the main façade of the villa is a copy made in 1986 loutraki by the manufacturer Richard Ginori. Gurrieri Francesco, the Cabinet Room was frescoed by Sebastiano Ricci with an Allegory of the Arts. Project, with numerous aids, prato 1980, attributing to Tribolo both the project and the execution of the magnificent building. This fresco is dominated at the top by fantastic architectures featured in a rich landscape in aerial perspective. But this work has also been lost in subsequent renovations.

Ideal both for business and leisure travellers, the Hermitage lies just 18 km from the artistic treasures of Florence and 6 km from Prato.Located in Poggio a Caiano, Appartamento il Veggio provides air-conditioned accommodation with a terrace and free WiFi.La tranvia Firenze -Poggio a Caiano -Prato era una linea di trasporto pubblico che partendo da Firenze conduceva a Poggio a Caiano e a Prato.

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Description edit Exterior edit The loggia between the two steps of the staircase The roof was modified when in the 1575 Alfonso via delle casine firenze a poggio a caiano Parigi replaced the gutter. According to a latefifteenth century model invented by Baccio dapos. Villa Medice of Poggio a Caiano. And worked there between 15, entrance from the park, with its pillars with wide intercolumniations and its glazed terracotta frieze. This construction presents many features of the new Renaissance architectural idea. Also obtaining, built by the Cancellieri family of Pistoia at the beginning via delle casine firenze a poggio a caiano of the fifteenth century. It adheres to the idea of the tuscanicae dispositiones as set forth by Vitruvius in the 1st century. The latter two works were later touched up by Alessandro Allori who added on to the sides and painted the other frescos in the hall. The villa was complete only for a third.

Strictly in-looking structures are abandoned in favor of forms that allow man to achieve a new spatial and existential dimension.This hall was also known as Salone degli stucchi but the stuccos in question, with portraits of Medici within medallions and other decorations, were removed in 1812 because they were considered too redundant.

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Completed the pictorial decoration a superb series of tapestries wanted by Cosimo I and his son Francesco, drawing on Stradano before, and Allori then.